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Weidegang en verwarring


ExperimentWeidegang en verwarring

Vijf maanden nadat ik het initiatief heb genomen om aan de hand van Sjouk het systeem van de (melk)veehouderij te ontrafelen, ben ik het spoor bijster. Ik heb ‘het raampunt’ bereikt.

Introducing the IFAMA Young Board


IFAMA goes DigitalIntroducing the IFAMA Young Board

The global pandemic is radically altering humanity, economic growth, and business at every turn. While it’s difficult now to see beyond the wake of COVID-19—we must.

Sustainable meat, but what about animal welfare?


World of MeatSustainable meat, but what about animal welfare?

Is sustainability in the meat sector perceived the same across the pond? To answer briefly: no, there is a real divide. A Dutch and two American pig farmers agreed to disagree. Annechien ten Have, the...

IFAMA2020-Rotterdam goes Digital


IFAMA goes DigitalIFAMA2020-Rotterdam goes Digital

IFAMA’s 30th World Conference: Food for the Future—initially planned for June 15-18, 2020 in Rotterdam, is canceled. Instead, the organizing partners have decided to develop something even...